NII Trendspots juni 2019 #124

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Dit hotel in Japan ontving de design award in de categorie hotels.
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Deze week

  • Eight design brands leading the way in sustainability
  • Interview With Rossana Orlandi, A Household Name In Design and Fashion
  • The 100K Initiative
  • Pantone presenteert Tea Garden

Eight design brands leading the way in sustainability

Interessant artikel hoe toonaangevende merken omgaan met sustainability.
With environmental issues such as climate change and plastic pollution dominating the headlines, what are design brands doing to help the planet? From Kvadrat to Emeco, we've selected eight companies doing their bit to promote sustainability.

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Interview With Rossana Orlandi, A Household Name In Design and Fashion

Voor de bezoekers van Milaan geen onbekende. Hier een interview met Rossana Orlandi.
Since its opening in 2002, the Galleria Rossana Orlandi has become a must-see spot in Milan for all design lovers, being considered one the best platforms for avant-garde design. During this edition of Milan Design Week, all eyes were on the gallery thanks to the ‘Ro Plastic Prize’ and the ‘Guiltless Plastic’ project, both raising awareness to sustainability. Keep on reading to know more about her life and work.

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The 100K Initiative

En weer een boeiend project om de oceanen schoner te maken. Er zijn veel manieren om hier iets aan te doen blijkt weer!
Our oceans are in crisis. Plastic waste is seriously impacting our oceans and the untold numbers of creatures who reside in 70% of our planet. reports suggest that 100,000 marine mammals are impacted by plastics every year. To fight plastics entering our Oceans, Found one of the most eco-friendly beverage companies has developed #THE100KINITIATIVE

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Pantone presenteert Tea Garden

Pantone presenteert voor 2020 een groen die je hier kunt ontdekken.
Color and design trends for home furnishings 2020 reveal a fascinating dichotomy as a new era brings in both novel and nostalgic approaches to design. An emphasis on self-care combined with our affinity for nature based hues clearly comes through in Tea Garden, an artfully tranquil story of grounded tones, nature infused health-giving hues and contentment featured in PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2020. Deliciously subtle, this memorable and sincere palette is both pure and poetic.

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