NII Trendspots mei 2019 #122

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Rena Detrixhe komt uit Oklahoma en maakt tapijten. Geen geweven of geknoopte exemplaren, maar tapijten van gezeefd zand. Bekijk in het volgende filmpje hoe Rena deze tapijten maakt.

Deze week

  • Intrigerende sculpturen van Elise
  • Faith Popcorn kijkt vooruit
  • Top 100 Marketing Trends in April
  • Milaan 2019, Paola Lenti outdoor collection

Intrigerende sculpturen van Elise

Spannende vormen en kleuren maakten dat ik deze sculpturen met je deel.
Elise is an anonymous London-based artist creating delirious sculptures. Experimenting with mass and volume, the shapes appear solid yet intangible, somewhere on the edge between realism and an evanescent dream. Painted in pastels, cracked and imperfect, the artworks reflect on the subjectivity of aesthetics as small details and elements can influence our perception of what is harmonious and beautiful or unsettling.

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Faith Popcorn kijkt vooruit

In 3,5 minuut vertelt vermaard trendforecaster Faith Popcorn wat zij ziet gebeuren.
Futurist Faith Popcorn—CEO of BrainReserve—talks the business of Tomorrow, in a special presentation to Barron's.

Top 100 Marketing Trends in April

Het is een hele lijst maar met interessante voorbeelden.
The list of April 2019 marketing trends transcends tactics across multiple platforms that cater to a plethora of different demographic markets. It pushes creative boundaries to captivate consumers' attention in a number of ways, including digital ads, billboard marketing, inclusive campaigns, and much more. Some of the examples are rooted in its own branding dominance and others are immediately captivating.

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Milaan 2019, Paola Lenti outdoor collection

De deelnemers aan de trendreis waren onder de indruk van de Paola Lenti presentatie tijdens Milaan 2019, hier een selectie van de outdoor presentatie.
Paola Lenti’s latest proposal presented in the industrial spaces of Fabbrica Orobia 15, Milan, featured a series of architectures arranged like theatrical scenes to tell intuitions, innovations and products, of today and yesterday, in a continuous dialogue between color, matter and form.

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